Get ready to come on a
Chocolate Discovery every month…



Imagine a delivery of different decadent chocolates and sweet treats arriving at your door each month…

We’re beyond excited to launch our Chocolate Discovery Experience
– a subscription service where you’ll be delighted by a delivery of ever-changing handcrafted creations selected by our Head Chocolatier.

Every month you’ll receive a beautiful box of new delights to discover,
with special editions of 12 different varieties of our most delectable products to taste and enjoy.

Perfect for chocolate enthusiasts, to share with family and friends each month or gift to a fellow chocolate lover, prepare to embark on an indulgent journey…




What delights will you discover?


Each month enjoy a delivery with different editions of:

Rocky Road ~ Gourmet Balls ~ Mallow Cake ~ Chocolate Coated Specialties ~ Gourmet Collection Bar ~ Bush Tucker Bark ~ Giant Marshmallows ~ Freshly Baked Cookies ~ Crunchy Nut Clusters ~ French Soft Nougat ~ Selection of Premium Truffles ~ A jar of housemade Spread, Jam or Honey.

And your lovingly packed Chocolate Discovery Box also arrives with a guide to help you navigate that month’s creations.




Subscribe to our monthly delivery! 


We’re inviting you to be the first to sign up….

Join us on our Chocolate Discovery – all you need to do is choose one of our subscription options to start receiving our Head Chocolatier’s monthly selection.

There’s month-to-month; 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions on offer – and of course the longer you sign up, the greater the saving.
Subscriptions start from $79 per month + shipping.

You’ll also be able to select Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or a Mixed Chocolate Discovery depending on your favourite chocolate variety. And we’re here to help if you ever want to change your preference, pause or opt out, plus you’ll receive a friendly reminder when your subscription is set to renew so you won’t miss the next monthly Chocolate Discovery instalment.






We’re excited, are you…? 


Our subscription service is something we’ve been dreaming of creating especially for our loyal chocolate lovers – and we just know you’re going to adore what our Head Chocolatier Allan Grandjean has in store for you each month! We do hope you’ll join us on our new Chocolate Discovery Experience…


Our sweetest regards,
Ian & Leanne Neeland





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